How to eat to avoid staining and chipping your teeth

The Dental Spa
04, Mar 2020

Unfortunately, certain foods and beverages can cause harm to your teeth if you aren’t careful. Having said that there are ways to both prevent harming your teeth and restore your teeth to their former glory.

Here at The Dental Spa Putney we aim to help our patients have healthy and attractive smiles. So, here are our top tips for saving your teeth.

Foods that can harm to your teeth

  • Sugar – It’s well known that sugar is bad for your teeth. Still, we won’t cut out sugar entirely, just cut back on your sugar intake. Save your sugary treats and only consume them once a day or less. To further protect your teeth, brush after eating sugary foods.
  • Acidic Foods – Highly acidic foods, such as citrus fruit and carbonated drinks, break down tooth enamel, making teeth more susceptible to decay over time. Drink plenty of water.
  • Sticky Foods – Foods that are sticky and chewy stay on your teeth longer than you might realise. For example dried fruit and bread. Such foods have the ability to attach to crevices and can erode teeth.Try and brush shortly after eating sticky foods.
  • Very Hard Foods – Avoid chewing ice or other hard substances. Some people think ice is safe because it has no sugar, but the crunchiness of ice can damage enamel.
  • Foods That Stain – Try to avoid too much red wine, tea and coffee, and especially smoking. All these things stain teeth.

Preventing Erosion and Staining

Stay informed about which foods you shouldn’t eat excessively and ask your dentist or hygienist for advice too, they’re happy to help with suggestions and prevention tips.

If you’d like to improve the look of your teeth, if they are chipped or excessively stained, cosmetic or restorative dentistry is an option. Teeth whitening or veneers can improve the look of your teeth. Whatever your dentistry needs, come and see us.

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