Crowns & Inlays

Crowns & Inlays


A Crown protects a tooth with a large filling from breaking, allowing you to chew comfortably and with confidence. It is a custom made cover over your own tooth, restoring function and aesthetics.

Crowns can be made of:

  • All Porcelain, such as E.max® – a very natural aesthetic appearance, particularly useful for front teeth. It avoids “metal margins” seen after the gum recedes over time, and can chemically bond with your tooth enamel making it strong. Also reduced hot/cold sensations due to lack of electrical conductivity.
  • Porcelain Bonded to Metal
  • Gold

We will discuss the material, shape, size, position and colour of the crown or bridge at the consultation, depending on your needs. Contact us for more information. There is a choice of different types of crowns: Emax, Porcelain, Zirconia and Gold.


Dental inlays are also known as indirect fillings. They are:

  • Used when there is insufficient tooth structure to support a directly placed filling, and protect the tooth from chewing forces.
  • Mainly made of composite resin or porcelain, which is colour-matched for a natural look, but gold is also used.
  • Adhesively bonded and fitted into place for a long-lasting repair.
  • A common option when replacing large silver amalgam fillings.
  • Custom-made by our technicians to fit into or over the tooth, similar to that of a crown.

For further information on any of these services or to book an appointment, contact us on: 020 8785 7105.

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