invisalign logoWe are proud to be a Platinum Elite Invisalign provider, which means we’ve successfully completed a large number of Invisalign cases and have the experience and skills to give you the best possible Invisalign treatment.

Have you always wanted a perfectly straight smile? To close a gap between your teeth? Correct your misaligned teeth that stick out without the social stigma of wearing fixed metal braces? Modern dentistry now offers revolutionary new ways to align your teeth and give you that perfect smile.

Meet our Platinum Elite Invisalign Orthodontist Dr Maja Kekus

  • Dr Maja Kekus

    Dr Maja KekusOrthodontist – Platinum Elite Invisalign


Invisalign ‘invisible’ braces

This ‘invisible’ orthodontics system uses a series of clear aligners, custom-moulded to fit your teeth and gradually apply gentle pressure to reposition them over time.

When compared to traditional, fixed-metal braces, Invisalign has several advantages:

  • Convenient – it doesn’t disrupt your lifestyle, you can remove your aligners to eat the food you want and clean your teeth
  • Discrete – since the aligners are virtually invisible most people won’t even notice you’re in treatment
  • Comfortable – there are no metal wires or bands to irritate your mouth

The stages involved in your treatment include:

Stage 1 – Your Invisalign Assessment

During your first visit we’ll address all your dental needs and concerns and assess your suitability for treatment with Invisalign. We’ll take bite impressions of your teeth, and photographs which we’ll send directly to Invisalign headquarters in America, along with a treatment prescription and your desired result. A truly bespoke service.

Stage 2: Your clear aligners are made by Invisalign

Invisalign technology uses advanced 3D computer imaging to demonstrate how your teeth will move and look at the end of treatment. Your consent to treatment will be sought at this stage. This image is used to make a series of individually-made, clear and removable aligners. There may be as many as forty-eight in the series or as few as six, depending on your individual treatment plan.

Stage 3: Receive your new aligners

During your next visit to us, you’ll receive your first set of aligners. Each set of aligners should be worn for two weeks. We’ll usually give you a few additional sets for you to wear before you return for your progress visits.

Stage 4: Wearing your aligners

You’ll wear each set of aligners day and night, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss. You’ll need to change your aligners every two weeks as your teeth gradually move. Total treatment time averages between four and twenty four months, but will vary from case to case. We’ll need you to visit us every six weeks or so to ensure your treatment is progressing as planned.

Stage 5: You’ve finished treatment!

Congratulations! When you’re finished wearing each aligner in the series, your treatment will be complete and you’ll have the perfectly aligned beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. You’ll need to continue to wear your retainers for some time longer in order to keep the teeth in the new position.

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